Top Famous musicians from Australia

If you are a music freak and love listening music then, you are in good company.

Albert Einstein One said, “I definitely would be a musician if I were not a scientist”. Life is so much beautiful and attractive Music has added more flavors to it. Life would be so boring without of Music and you would agree with me at this. Music made you happier and in recent research, the old man who listened to music found happier and satisfied as compared to those who do not like listening music. Music can improve your performance of work out if you are habitual to listen to music while working out your performance would be better than a person who either listens to calm music or do not. Here we are presenting you the top Musicians from Australia, who creative the best music of all time.

Top Musicians From Australia, the world should listen now;



Australian Hard rock singers, pioneer of heavy metal and known with the name blues-rock band. Two Brothers, Malcolm and Angus Young formed this band in 1973 and both continued working together until Malcolm illness and departure. AC/DC fronted by Bon Scott and his sudden dismissal made him hire Brian Johnson as the front of the band as he smashed his Number one Ozzie band and number one album of the band was Back in Black that was released in 1980 and this album is on number two of all time highest selling album.


If you do have, a good music taste then would have listened to the song “Need you tonight”, its music mix of Pop/Rock/Funk reached the taste of all music lover around the globe. That is the reason most famous Australian band is INXS. Michael Hutchence, was the best rock singer, with best singing quality and at the end, he walked out the band. The Song “Never tear us apart” was the best rock piece presented by this band, I would put the band on number one but ACDS is around here from a long time.

Little River Band

When his band formed and released its very first song, Australian loved and noticed the song. The band member was already established singer Glenn Sherrock has already made his name with the twilights and A Beatles. Their first album released in 1975 and following year, they made it release their second album “After Hours”. The level of success and admiration this band gained no one can even imagine. However, the sad thing is no original member of the band, Aussies left in, and all members based in States.

Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil formed in 1972, the band can only be judged by its time, there was the time when Midnight Oil was hugely important and its references and songs are still famous in Australia. Not only have the best band in Australia But the best band of all time. Years before it has already left singing and Music field, just because of age or, might not be as appealing as they were in its period. Its famous songs are “Beds are Burning”, “The Dead Heart” “Blue Sky Mine” and much more

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