Harlow Hospital Radio broadcasts exclusively to the patients of Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow .

You can send a request to a friend or relative in the hospital via
phone or post.

Your request could be a "get well soon" or a request for a favourite tune.

Contact us at one of the phone numbers below. You can also send us a request by post.

Your request should have the following information:-

Name of who it is for,

Their location in the hospital, e.g. ward,

The artist and title of the song/piece,

When the request should be aired. When choosing a time and day for the request to be played,

please make sure that it is during our broadcast schedule.

Who the request is from,

A message, e.g. "Get well soon."

You can now call *800 from Hospedia phones


01279 635540 or 01279 444455 and ask for extension 2511
(There is an answering machine on both numbers for when we're not there)